Job Board - Technical Services, Sales

Purchaser - ref.21281IG

Our client, an SME in the food industry, is looking for a Purchaser.
• Responsible for daily purchases of equipment, raw materials, chemicals, services, etc. for all departments;
• Monitor inventory levels;
• Occasionally negotiate with suppliers or manufacturers;
• Issue purchase orders for all purchase requisitions and invoice payments;
• Contact suppliers regarding stock shortages, delays or other problems;
• Issue notices of availability or unavailability;
• Work closely with purchasing, receiving, shipping and planning.
• DEC in Logistics;
• 4 to 5 years of experience in logistics;
• 1 to 2 years of experience with an ERP management system;
• Food industry experience is an asset;
• Bilingual.
Location: Montreal/Hochelaga.
Salary: $35K to $45K depending on experience + fringe benefits.

Building Mechanics Technician - ref.21277SB

Our client specializes in the design, construction and installation of white rooms and specialized laboratories.
The successful candidate will act as the building mechanics/electrical designer (ventilation, filtration, plumbing, steam, heating, electricity, cooling, control, etc.);
• Ensure the detailed design and drawing for the different mechanical/electrical trades for the building;
• Develop and interpret plans, drawings and technical specifications;
• Coordinate integration with other disciplines (architecture, civil and structure);
• Prepare estimates of costs and materials required for projects;
• Carry out, as needed, surveys of existing installations and site visits during all project phases;
• Work in close collaboration with the engineers to propose customized solutions;
• Participate actively in all stages of a project, ranging from start to commissioning, from design through construction.
• DEC in Building Mechanics or equivalent training;
• 3 to 8 years pertinent experience;
• Excellent knowledge of Autocad (MEP is an asset);
• Knowledge of white rooms and/or controlled environments is an asset;
• Written French, (English is an asset).
Location: Eastern Townships.
Salary: $45K to $65K depending on experience + fringe benefits.

Instrumentation Technician - ref.21272SB

Our client is an accredited analytical testing laboratory. They are looking for an Instrumentation Technician.
• Monitor daily equipment related to laboratory activities;
• Keep up to date instrument maintenance and calibration schedules;
• Maintain inventory of spare parts for equipment;
• Coordinate repairs performed by external representatives;
• Prepare and/or perform the installation and qualification of the new laboratory instruments;
• Organize and manage outside calibration of primary instruments and communicate with outside services as required;
• Assist laboratory personnel in the use and maintenance of instruments and equipment and solve technical problems in the laboratory;
• Identify and perform preventive maintenance, repair, tune-up, calibration and validation of any laboratory instrument or equipment that requires it;
• Document any non-compliance and deviations from the quality system;
• Write and revise the SOPs related to instrumentation;
• Notify departments on a monthly basis of equipment requiring maintenance or calibration;
• Order replacement instruments, equipment or parts.
• Bachelor's or DEC in Sciences (Chemistry-Biology or Chemistry) or Electronics;
• 2 to 3 years of pertinent experience;
• Experience in the field of analytical chemistry is a definite asset;
• Excellent mechanical and/or electronic aptititudes;
• Understand written French and English.
Location: North Shore.
Salary: $50K to $65K+ depending on experience.

Aircraft Maintenance Technician - ref.21267KL

Our customer specializes in the repair of commericial transportation.
• Perform component damage inspection;
• Check and repair aircraft components;
• Perform pre- and post-work verifications;
• Using precision instruments, test the components;
• Verify the quality of raw materials and finished parts.
• DEC in Aeronautics with specialization in aircraft maintenance or aeronautical construction or equivalent training;
• At least 2 years of relevant experience;
• Able to read technical drawings and working instructions in English;
• Familiar with structural repair manuals;
• Have a valid (S) license issued by Transport Canada (an asset).
Location: Laval.
Salary: $20 to $27/hour depending on experience.

Electrical Power Technician - ref.21152SB

Reporting to management, the Technician (or Engineer) will be responsible for testing, maintenance, installation and commissioning services for electrical equipment with power ratings of 600v to 735kV as well as certain studies or engineering analyses.
• Perform various types of testing or repair work on power equipment at customer sites;
• Verify circuit breakers, disconnectors, power transformers and measuring instruments;
• Program and verify by simulation protection relay settings;
• Carry out pre-operational checks and commissioning of new substations or electrical outposts;
• Perform troubleshooting of various electrical equipment;
• Conduct thermographic inspections;
• Prepare audit, anomalies and follow-up reports;
• Ensure customer satisfaction and master the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008;
• Write and assist in the preparation of plans and specifications, various technical reports (studies, letters, memos, etc.);
• Ensure project monitoring and management;
• Train newcomers in electrical testing, equipment maintenance, etc .;
• Perform preventive maintenance and repair of equipment or vehicles.
• DEC or Bachelors in Electrodynamics, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics or equivalent;
• 3 to 5 years in a similar position;
• Pertinent experience in an electrical engineering or electricity firm;
• ASP construction course is required;
• Knowledge of electrical tests on power equipment (circuit breakers, transformers, disconnectors, alternators, etc.) and test equipment (Doble, TTR, Megger, etc.);
• Experience in programming and testing protection relays (SEL, Micom, GEC, GE, etc.) an important asset;
• Knowledge of software PowerDB, SKM, CYME, ETAP, Autocad an asset;
• Bilingual, written and spoken.
Location: South Shore - 90% on the road.
Salary: $50K to $76K plus very competitive benefits.

Automation Project Manager - ref.21205SB

Our client, a growing SME, proposes, designs and integrates automated solutions for factories. They are looking for a motivated collaborator who want to be involved with an expanding company.
• Understand customer requirements;
• Programming and commissioning of projects;
• Participate in proposals according to customer pre-requisites;
• Meet deadlines and budgetary envelopes;
• Participate in the design and transfer of information for project completion;
• Daily travel to customers located in the Greater Montreal area.
• DEC or Bachelor's in Industrial Automation or equivalent;
• At least 2 to 3 years experience;
• Excellent knowledge of PLCs, operator interfaces, SCADA;
• Good knowledge of Rockwell PLCs especially RSLogix5000;
• Knowledge of Plantpax and/or See Electrical is an asset;
• Excellent French, functional English.
Location: Montreal.
Salary: $50K to $65K depending on experience + fringe benefits.

Instrumentation Team Leader - ref.21229SB

Our client is one of the largest private and not-for-profit research centers in the world. They help Canadian industry to implement innovative solutions and advocate a sustainable development approach.
• Lead and manage the electronics and instrumentation workshops;
• Provide technical support for research activities by ensuring the design, assembly and commissioning of instruments, technologies and pilot plants (electronic and instrumentation parts);
• Implement and deploy technologies in factories;
• Design systems using controllers such as PLC, microcontrollers and other data loggers available on the market;
• Ensure programming using various languages like C, LabVIEW, and Ladder Logic depending on the application;
• Ensure the maintenance and upgrading of instruments, equipment and pilot plants;
• Work closely with internal services, including machining shops, plumbers and electricians in the construction of pilot plants or major equipment.
• DEC in Electronics or Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or Software;
• At least 10 years experience in a discipline related to electricity, electronics or instrumentation;
• Knowledge of Autocad Electrical and LabVIEW software, as well as logical programming with constraints;
• Ability to lead personnel to manage and supervise technicians on a regular basis;
• Strong customer-oriented approach;
• Flexible and able to work within a multidisciplinary team;
• Bilingual with good communication skills, spoken and written, in both languages.
Location: West Island.
Salary: $70K to $85K depending on experience + fringe benefits.

Drafter (AutoCad Electrical) - ref.21239PE

Our client specializes in the distribution of industrial electrical equipment, manufacture of control panels, design of automation projects, etc.
Reporting to the design supervisor and working with the engineering team, the Drafter will develop cabling systems design plans and documentation.
• Draft detailed schemas of cabling plans in AutoCad Electrical;
• Develop technical drawings based on preliminary concepts, sketches, specifications and other data;
• Make corrections to drawings based on comments received from the technical team or sales;
• Ensure that the drawings conform to technical specifications.
• DEP or DEC in Drafting;
• Excellent knowledge of AutoCad Electrical;
• 6 months experience in a similar environment;
• Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously;
• Fluent French.
Location: South Shore.
Status: TEMPORARY position, 2 months.
Salary: $18 to $22/hour depending on experience.

Microbiology Technician (Evening) - ref.21234IG

Our client, a growing and recognized pharmaceutical company, is looking for a microbiology quality control technician.
• Microbiological analyses of raw materials, finished products and stabilities according to pharmaceutical GMP, (may also be asked to do basic chemical analyses);
• Carry out microbiological analyses such as biological burdens, LAL, sterility;
• Environmental sampling at the laboratory level;
• Qualification tests of culture media and bacterial strains;
• Complete and submit documents associated with the analyses.
• DEC in Chemistry-Biology, Biology or equivalent;
• 3 years of experience in microbiological analyses preferably in the pharmaceutical industry;
• Knowledge of Canadian and international GMP/GLP standards;
• Knowledge of software (Word and Excel);
• Bilingual.
Status: Evening position (2:30pm to 11pm). Evening premium of $ 0.70 per hour.
Location: West Island.
Salary: $ 40 to 50 K depending on experience + fringe benefits.

Biochemical Quality Control Technician - ref.21221IG

Our client, a growing and recognized biopharmaceutical company, is looking for a Quality Control Technician.
• Analysis of in process and finished products for release;
• Testing, research and diagnosis of enzymes in production;
• Stability studies on finished products;
• Enzymatic assay in kinetics, determination of UV proteins and colorimetric assay on a spectrophotometer;
• Protein analysis: HPLC and SDS-PAGE;
• Testing Elisa kits;
• Prepare all documentation for the release of analysed batches;
• Maintain laboratory equipment calibration program in-house and off-site ;
• Validation of equipment and methods;
• Write and review SOPs for stability program, study protocols and reports.
• DEC in Chemistry-Biology, Medical Biology or equivalent;;
• 2 years of experience in enzyme or protein analysis in a regulated environment;;
• Bilingual.
Location: Montreal.
Salary: $40K to $45K depending on experience + fringe benefits.

Quality Auditor - ref.21219IG

Our client, a growing pharmaceutical company, is looking for an internal and external audit manager who will contribute to the maintenance of the supplier management program.
• Audit suppliers;
• Prepare audit reports;
• Suggest corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) and ensure follow-up;
• Perform audits following major or critical incidents;
• Support the supply chain when introducing new suppliers;
• Carry out internal audits of the company's various sites and ensure their follow-up;
• Participate in the development of methods, procedures and regulations.
• Bachelor of Science;
• 5 years relevant experience;
• In-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical GMPs and Canadian and US regulations, (knowledge of European GMP standards would be an asset);
• Knowledge of validation requirements for equipment and utilities, analytical instruments;
• Bilingual.
Status: Travel about 40% of the time.
Location: South Shore.
Salary: $65K to $70K depending on experience + fringe benefits.

Air Filtration Service Technician - ref.21210SN

Our client is a national field service company for cleanrooms, fume hoods and other filtered ventilation equipment. .
• Testing and certification of the performance of filters used in clean air devices and clean rooms in various environments including hospitals, research labs, pharmaceutical or food companies, etc.;
• Perform repairs to clean air devices where required;
• Interact with customers with guidance as to the operation and maintenance of their equipment;
• Perform appropriate tests procedures upon clean air devices, exhaust systems and clean rooms;
• Document results of tests;
• Operate and maintains testing equipment and materials used in performance of job;
• Some work in highly sterilized environments may require gowning and masking.
• DEP or training in HVAC or Mechanical Equipment;
• Experience in onsite customer service is essential;
• Knowledge of basic HVAC systems and motor repair;
• General mechanical aptitude and ability to understand and effectively use test instruments;
• Ability to carrying, lift and put into place (sometimes overhead) fragile filters ranging in weight from 20 to 80 lbs;
• Valid driver's license;
• Bilingual.
Location: Quebec City.
Salary: $40K, service vehicle provided.

Industrial Automation Technician - ref.21124KL

Our client, a leader in field of specialized industrial electricity, is seeking an Industrial Automation/Electrical Technician. The work involves the design, assembly, repair, and maintenance of control panels, as well as automated system design.
• Startup and troubleshooting of equipment and systems at industrial client sites;
• Project studies to optimize client installations;
• Select and ensure compatibility of components: PLCs, variable speed drives, servo-controls, safety components;
• Work with analog, digital and pneumatic systems;
• Supervise and organize the work done by a team of electricians.
• DEC in Industrial Engineering, automation option, or related field;
• Journeyman certificate (C License);
• Experience programming PLCs and interfaces (Omron and Allen-Bradley);
• Experience installing PLCs, instrumentation and controls on site;
• Good troubleshooting skills under pressure;
• Basic knowledge of hydraulics and pneumatics, an asset;
• French.
Location: South Lanaudière region.
Status: Work within the boundaries of Trois-Rivières and Montreal. Service vehicle is provided.
Salary: Competitive salary.

Automation Specialist - ref.21080SB

The Automation and Controls Specialist programs and commissions various control systems (industrial programmable logic controller, HMI, sensors and actuators) for production lines.
• Participate in the programming and commissioning of different control systems;
• Participate in the electrical design and positioning of control elements on the line;
• Supervise and participate in the preparation of project technical documentation;
• Participate in line audits;
• Participate in installation and commissioning at customer sites;
• Improve the development and maintenance of the installation and start-up service;
• Propose and implement solutions to optimize and improve line performance;
• Suggest improvements in the development of control systems
• Ensure assigned deadlines are met for each phase of the project.
• DEC in a technical discipline (Automation, Electricity or Electronics Engineering);
• At least 6 years of experience or realization of 5 projects with multiple equipment
• Experience in: PLC programming, Allen Bradley, TI, Siemens or Modicon; with frequency converters, inductive sensors, photocells, sonic; inter-PLC communication networks; PLC/PC such as Modbus, Sinec, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Ethernet; developmentment of operator interfaces on Wonderware; Intouch, Ifix, RSView, ZenOn and electrical installations;
• French and English. Spanish is an asset;
• Available to travel 50 to 70% in the US, Mexico and South America (rarely).
Location: Lavel + travel.
Salary: Depending on experience + $85US per diem + bonus up to 6%.

Installation Site Manager (Mexico) - ref.20957SB

Coordinate the mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning of packaging equipment in the production lines with the assistance of the senior project manager and mechanical and automation project managers.
• Manage all aspects of site activities during the installation phase of dry machines and complete lines, control costs, time and resources and provide periodic progress reports to PM;
• Manage costs, schedule and resources of all logistics activities (options and up dates, maintenance contracts, reconditioning etc.);
• Determine all line equipment installation needs;
• Coordinate the mechanical and electrical installations and commissioning activities;
• Plan and prepare the on site utilities (safety rules, access, trailer, storage space, furniture, telephone etc.);
• Supervise mechanical and electrical contractors during installation and during commissioning;
• Report all construction activities, providing a weekly report of all manpower and developments on site;
• Manage on-site engineer and non-senior ISMs;
• Ensure safety on the construction site of the persons involved in the company's contract;
• Comply with quality procedures according to company standards.
• DEC (minimum) in a technical discipline (Automation and Control, Mechanical, Processes);
• Minimum 5 years experience in monitoring mechanical, electrical and process construction sites, and in industrial or packaging industries;
• Knowledge of equipment used in the beverage industry and packaging lines; knowledge of conveying equipment and principles of bottling line control;
• Knowledge of basic mechanical principles of conveyors;
• Knowledge of PLC and HMI programming software;
• Knowledge of control equipment (PLC, sensors, actuators, controller, ..);
• Knowledge of control concepts and machine diagnostics;
• Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Microsoft Project;
• Excellent English and French (spoken and written).
• Available for business trips (90%) to north east Mexico (close to U.S. border).
Location: Laval (10%) and north east Mexico (90%).
Salary: Depending on experience + fringe benefits + $85 US per diem + paid travel from site to Montreal every two weeks (from Friday to Sunday).

Recruiting and Business Development Consultant - ref. 10100CA (at our Snowdon office)

Techaid is a placement agency with over 50 years of experience placing technical staff (engineering, manufacturing, IT, skilled trades, construction, technical services...) on a permanent or temporary basis to all types of industries. We are seeking a Recruitment and Business Development Consultant who is customer service oriented, tenacious, ambitious, focused and can work well within a team.

You will be responsible for the entire recruitment process. Your daily responsibilities:
Business Development (65%):
• Develop and manage your portfolio of clients;
• Prospect for new clients by telephone to understand their requirements and obtain new job orders;
• Manage client relationships.
Recruiting (35%):
• Search for candidates who correspond to our customer requirements;
• Interview and screen candidates;
• Communicate with customers regarding selected candidates and arrange for interviews;
• Follow-up with customers and candidates.
• Bachelor, DEC or Certificate, (knowledge of engineering, technology or information systems is an important asset);
• Experience in consulting and/or sales and/or experience in recruiting qualified technical staff;
• Track record of success in sales or business development is an important asset;
• Excellent phone presentation skills (French and English);
• Dynamic, responsive, organized and efficient you are known for your initiative, sense of urgency, tenacity and discipline.
Location: Snowdon Metro.
We provide our own bank of 36,000 candidates, database of more than 2000 customers, training and support.
Permanent position (37.5 hours per week). Base salary and very competitive bonuses without limits.

Over 35,000 CVs of experienced technical staff on file including engineers, software developers, analysts, drafters, managers, technical writers, planners, designers, technologists, buyers, technicians and tradespersons, as well as senior management.

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