FAQ - Employers

Why use Techaid?

For over 50 years Techaid has been actively placing technical personnel, building and cataloguing a database of qualified personnel unique in Quebec. Since 1995 Techaid has undertaken to electronically convert and store all candidate CVs, giving us, and our customers, access to one of the largest sources of experienced technical candidates in Quebec.

How large is your database?

Over the course of our 51 years Techaid has gathered over 60,000 qualified candidate applications. Of these, 35,000 are electronically stored and immediately accessible for consultant searches.

What level of candidates do you recruit?

Techaid recruits all levels of candidates, from junior (minimum 2 years of technical experience), through to senior management. 95% of our 35,000+ candidate database has over 5 years of technical experience, 80% over 10 years.

Techaid Database - Years of Technical Experience

Does Techaid place both permanent and temporary staff?

Yes, Techaid can provide either permanent or temporary staff, depending on customer needs. Temporary staff can be either on Techaid’s payroll, (customer pays an hourly rate), or on your payroll, (customer pays a weekly fee).

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, all permanent placements come with our guarantee; if our placement leaves your employ for any reason during the guarantee period Techaid will provide a replacement free of charge. (An optional pro-rated refund is also available for clients who elect to not hire a replacement.)

For further information, please call us at (514) 482-6790, or submit a Request for Information on line, and one of our consultants will contact you.

Over 35,000 CVs of experienced technical staff on file including engineers, software developers, analysts, drafters, managers, technical writers, planners, designers, technologists, buyers, technicians and tradespersons, as well as senior management.

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