William F. Allen, (1922 - 2012)  Founder of Techaid Inc.


"Techaid has always done what it can to further (our) industry upgrading, ethics and standards."


"Our approach is a partnership with our customer. We each provide the input to solve our common problem."


"We are prepared and expect from experience that customers' needs change."

- Bill Allen
  President  of Techaid (1962 - 2012)








We are profoundly sad to announce the passing of Techaid's founder and President for its first 50 years, William F. Allen, on 3 November 2012.




Over 35,000 CVs of experienced technical staff on file including engineers, software developers, analysts, drafters, managers, technical writers, planners, designers, technologists, buyers, technicians and tradespersons, as well as senior management.

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